ONLINE Education conference for proactive parents
Conference UpGrade is designed for proactive parents.
2020 has transformed education and educators. UpGrade provides a unique space
where parents can find answers to the multitude of questions during two days of
lectures, panel discussions, and presentations.

Our speakers include:
• Professionals from public, private and religious schools
• Tutors
• Parents experienced at homeschooling
• College advisors
• Lawyers

You will be able to communicate with speakers and participate in roundtable
discussions with your peers
You will receive complete information
about the speakers via email
You have school-age children
You want to know more about the Massachusetts school system
You want to meet educators from a variety of schools
Learn more about SSAT, SAT, ISEE
You're looking for college advisors
You are contemplating homeschooling your kids
Purchased a ticket, but cant attend all the wonderful meetings on that day?
No worries! Meeting recordings
will be available to download!
Session 1
Session 2
10:00 AM
Education in Europe
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
3:00 PM
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
Ksenia Smirnova, MSM, Czech Republic
Generation Alpha : New Teaching Methods
Anna Vysotskaya, neuropsychologist
Why Pursue a Degree in Art & Design
Marina Raybman, Chestnut Hill Art Academy
Russian Speaking Camps as a Way to Preserve Russian Language
Camp Leader, Camp Marabou, family camps in Russia
How to optimize your chances and get into the university that is right for you
Yelena Kadeykina, Julia Barr, Hermiona Education
How to Help your Child Choose a Career
Nadine Vandenburg, college advisor Canada
Why Middle Schools is a Weak Point Around the World? Wahtcan We do?
Anna Kadieva, Le Sallay International Academy
Phd in the USA
Prof. Maria Droganova
International/Bilingual Schools Panel Discussion
International School of Boston, Star Academy, British International School of Boston
Education Without School (Homeschooling)
Yulia Turchaninova, founder of Education Without School
Best Kept Secrets of Financial Aid: How to Maximize Your Child's Funding Eligibility
Anya Ilkys, CollegeCoach.US
Homeschooling- Parents Experience
Aleka Molokava, Homeschooling advisor
Math Schools Panel Discussion
RSM, Studio Engage of Math, Imath, MathAltitude
Who is in Charge? Legal Aspects of Children's Education When Parents are Living Apart?
Natalia Bukhanova, Principal Attorney Nota Bene Law & Mediation
SSAT, SAT, ISEE - What is Behind the Acronyms?
Yulia Garnovich, Irina Kholodenko
How to Get Into Your Dream School with Imperfect GPA?
Zinaida Dvoskina, Master of Science in Business
Session 1
Session 2
10:00 AM
Canadian Colleges and Universities: Enrollment Procedures and Review of the Specialties in-demand
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
3:00 PM
4:00 PM
Anna Ryzhova, Managing Director, Canada
Russian Classical Literature: why are bilingual kids struggling to like it and how to make them enjoy reading?
Ksenia Turkova, journalist, teacher, PhD in philology
Religious Schools Panel
Shaloh House Elementary school, Archbishop Williams High School
Using Summer Programs to Find Your Best Fit University and Build Your Profile
Yelena Kadeykina, Leora Eisenberg, Hermiona Education
How to Read School Ratings
The more the merrier: Trilingual Kids
Maria Shandalova, Philologist, linguist, teacher of literature
Independent Schools Panel Discussion
BUA, Philips Academy Andover
Financial Literacy for Teens
Alexandra Ruban, Private business consultant
One-off Meetings with Private Schools Reps
Why Should you Consider Boarding Schools
Masha Markus, Markus Education Int
How to Choose the Right College in the USA
Ellina Beletskiy, Masha Markus, college advisors, US
Home Values vs School Quality. A Chicken and Egg Question
Masha Senderivich, Dmitriy Dribinskiy, realtors
Ways of Funding College Education
Dmitry Frenklakh, Financial advisor
Military Career: Requirements, Tuition, ROTC
Nathan Deychman, Senior Cadet
Michael E. McAllister Director of Human Capital Belmont Public Schools
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